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Carrie + Dan


A timeless moment.

A timeless moment.

She is a stunning bride.

Stunning as ever.

It's these beautiful moments that make me teary eyed.  Father & Daughter....

These beautiful moments between a bride and Father always make me teary eyed.



Rushford, NY

So in love with being outdoors in the country. Especially during the winter months.  Rushford, NY is SO beautiful.  Spent a weekend being out in the crisp, winter air snowmobiling, sledding and 4-wheeling.
 I couldn’t resist stopping and taking some photos of this old,  abandoned farm house. Very cool!!!  
The scenery is amazing & it’s so peaceful. Such a beautiful sight being up in the mountains, looking over acres and acres of land. Being able to snowmobile up hundreds of feet of hills to get to the “million dollar view”, which is what the folks in Rushford call it.  Thoughts become tranquil. Worries become nonexistent, everything else becomes detached from reality.  Surrounded in silence, quiet enough to hear the sound of breaking branches, the smell of pine cones in the air…     
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