Lifestyle Photography

I am frequently asked the question, “What is Lifestyle Photography?” It’s capturing real life moments with genuine expressions most often candid without a subject knowing the photos is being taken. Most often the subject is caught up in their own world. The way I view Lifestyle photography or better yet as a Lifestyle photographer, it’s about creating life, perspective and emotion to photos that tells a story about life & personality. On a day to day basis, our lifestyle consists of a variety of things, It may be children, shopping, work, food, travel, beauty & fitness, beliefs, to name a few. We all live a certain way. Our own values and attitude are a part of and reflect our daily lifestyle in a natural way. It reflects reality and captures your life just as it is. It is not set up or posed. It’s simply, only, documenting a moment of everyday people, family or a couple interacting doing what they do in their own element. In an essence it’s capturing raw expressions and being more aware of each other and not so aware of me. It tells a beautiful story….

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