College Football

University at Buffalo College Football….(Buffalo Bulls)
I am a die hard sports fan. I come from a very competitive & athletic family. We are a baseball & football family, and not so much in agreement about our team preferences. I am a Yankees fan and my oldest son is a Mets fan. At least we agree on our BILLS…we are very much Buffalo Bills fans. Sports photography is by far my favorite!! I have done some college baseball and basketball, but being on this college football field at this game was so incredibly AMAZING 🙂 It was PURE adrenaline!! The experience was awesome as I had imagined it to be. I will be shooting for the Buffalo Bills this 2012 season. The thought of being on an NFL field, shooting for my favorite team and doing what I love is unimaginably a dream come TRUE 🙂

Rachel & Jonathan Wedding 10-07-2011

I was SOOOO excited to be part of Rachel and Jonathan’s special day! Their chemistry together was so radiant 🙂 They were so great to photograph and absolutely adorable together. The weather was perfect for outdoor photos. Could not have asked for better weather. It was so awesome to see such a lovely bride & groom become one. I was fortunate to have met so many nice family members and great friends. Congratulations to you both 🙂


What a HANDSOME little guy 🙂


This bride is just so GORGEOUS!!! I added a Lomo Effect to her photo. Her natural beauty is breathtaking 🙂