Stefan ~ Fitness Photo Shoot

Today was a super fun shoot with Stefan! It was hard keeping the camera still from laughing so hard. Aside from his hysterical sense of humor, Stefan has always been into fitness. He started playing sports in 6th grade. As a young kid, with the mindset of becoming an athlete, he used the bare necessities to build muscle and stay in shape. Stefan is a high school teacher as well as the head coach for the Lacrosse team at his high school. His students admire is athleticism and commend his passion for weight training. Stefan is so committed!! At 5 a.m. he is at the gym working out and doing his cardio before work every day. I applaud him for being in such amazing shape in his 40’s. I promised not to throw his age out there, but looking the way he does in his 40’s….age is never an excuse 🙂



Animal Photography ~ Carmela

April 2012 ~ Carmela was so much fun to follow around and get some neat photos of her. I was amazed how photogenic she was. She almost knew her photos were being taken because she would pause and “strike a pose” for the camera. Ha Ha. It felt like I was photographing a person, not a dog. I developed a new love even more so for animals and especially photographing them.:)